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Auto one-line carton sealer with four corner sides carton sealer
Auto one-line carton sealer with four corner sides carton sealer

Auto one-line carton sealer with four corner sides carton sealer


Four corner sides carton sealer successful researched and developed, fill the blank of the requirements of special industries, especially for the industries which need ocean shipping. Features : Dust-proof, moisture proof, oxidation resistant, acid and alkali corrosion resistant, suitable for all size of packages, manually adjust height and width, 90 degrees turning device, auto pushed by cylinder; sealing from four corner sides simultaneously, could combine with GPA/GPB/GPC to realise H type sealing. This sealing machine could be used on food, daily chemicals or electronics industries.

Max Speed


Packing Size


  • Automatic flaps folding carton sealer and corner side carton sealer, combine together to do "H" sealing.
  • Manually adjust the height and width according to the carton size, suitable for packing carton s of the same specification at the same time.
  • Sealing beautifully, saving labours, high efficiency.
  • Equipped with blade guard, avoiding getting injured while operating.
  • Easy to operate, economical and durable.
  • Safe, low failure rate.
Conveyor speed 20m/min 20m/min
Package size (Max) L∞×W500×H500mm L320-500×W200-500×H180-500mm
Package size (Min) L150×W150×H120mm /
Power supply 220/380V 50Hz /
Power consumption 240W /
Applicable tap 48mm,60mm,75mm 48mm,60mm,75mm
Machine size L1020×W850×H1350mm L1900×W1130×H1530mm
Machine weight 130kg 400kg
Air pressure / 6kg/cm²

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