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Metal fittings heat shrink film packaging machine specializes in oxidation problems

Jan. 01,1970

We often see that metal is exposed to the air if it is not packaged, and it is easy to oxidize over time. This is an important step for the production of hardware companies.

User status

Metal product packaging is particularly strict, because metal-based products are easy to oxidize and rust, which is a big problem for hardware companies. The birth of Gurki heat shrink packaging machine can solve the oxidation problem well. The following is a video of the hardware lamp cap film.


The heat shrinking machine is widely used in the hardware industry. This is related to the characteristics of the heat shrinkable film. It forms a completely sealed space through the heat shrinking machine. This kind of heat shrinkable film is good for the protection of hardware accessories. The first is to prevent dust from entering the inside of the metal product, and the second is to achieve the effect of moisture prevention, because we all know that metal fittings are most afraid of moisture, even stainless steel. Therefore, it is necessary for the hardware accessories industry to use a heat shrink machine for coating treatment.


Product introduction

The fully automatic L type vertical upper and lower sealing and shrinking machine is a new type of automatic shrink packaging machine with high degree of automation. It can automatically complete the steps of feeding, filming, sealing and shrinking, and the output can reach 20-35 pieces/min, supporting POF film, PVC film and other heat-shrinkable wrapping. The heat-shrinkable packaging result is not wrinkled, requires no personnel to operate, and has high work efficiency. This shrink machine is widely used in mass production of printing, color boxes, greeting cards, photo albums, photo frames, medicine, electronics, daily chemicals, cosmetics, automobile parts, hardware, food industries, etc.

Product Features 

  • The Seal cutting knife holder is driven by a four-column vertical system, which can overcome the problem that the folds and sealing lines of the traditional L-type sealing machine are not in the middle of the product

  • The height of the sealing can be adjusted to ensure that the sealing line is in the middle position, and the appropriate packaging height can be selected to reduce the sealing time of the sealing knife and reduce the production cost

  • Adopting the horizontal and vertical two sets of photoelectrics. And the packaging can be easily completed for small products

  • Automatic program control, easy to operate, equipped with safety protection and alarm function

  • It is especially suitable for large-scale products

PS: If your company is in the hardware and metal fittings industry, it can be packaged with Gurki fully automatic L type vertical upper and lower sealing and shrinking machine. And if you want to non-standard customization, please contact us by email:




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