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Case sealing and strapping machine GPP-50C
Imported PLC controls whole machine;Driven motor from Taiwan;Air-cylinder from Taiwan;Conveying belts from Italy;Separate contribution box;With an Emergency stop button;2" & 3" tape heads both are suitable for this machine.
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Top and Bottom Driven Case Sealer GPB-56
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Automatic Flaps Folding Case Sealer GPI-50
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Shrink wrapping machine -- Egg

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in our country, Egg output and per capita consumption are among the best in the world, and the cost of egg production were lower than others countries, but this advantage is not converted into a trade advantage.So in china the egg get the development of space.Studies suggest that it continues to weaken and production structure, egg development, market demand and so on many contradictions, it has close correlation. Therefore, manufacturers need to improve the ratio of egg processing, meet the different needs of domestic and international markets, set up food quality and safety standards, increase financial input, develop high value-added egg products. Many manufacturers have been in use for shrink wrapping machine for packaging of egg products.

 GURKI PACK’s shrink wrapping machine with production line is designed according to the characteristics of egg products, and assembled egg products one by one into the automatic sealing and shrinking machine, photoelectric automatic coating, sealing and cutting, sending into the heat shrinkable machine, automatic film shrinking package products, and appropriate temperature will not affect the quality of eggs, after the thermal shrinkage, shrinkage firming, sealing strong, you will see a unified specification of beautiful appearance. 

 Because eggs easily broken, and can’t shake, artificial to complete bulk packaging work what is very difficult, and it greatly wastes the packaging materials . GURKI PACK’s shrink wrapping machine can greatly improve the production efficiency, save manpower, and reduce the loss .Create profits for the manufacturers to alleviate cost pressures, and enhance the brand image.



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