# Carton Erectors

Square Cases without Jams, Stable! Efficient! Cost-effective!

Construct a cardboard box in seconds, easily integrated into existing production lines


Each Box is Crafted with Accuracy, Ensuring that Your Products Fit Perfectly

Gurki has a machine to FIT your needs and budget. Our variety of case erecting equipment ranges from standard machines that can erect up to 10 boxes per minute all the way to high-speed case erectors that can erect 50 boxes per minute and can be CUSTOMIZED for your application.

Gurki is a leading packaging equipment SUPPLIER. We provide our clients with ALL TYPES OF carton erector machines and peripherals. Feel free to contact us if you need recommendations or more information on specific products.

Regular Slotted Container (RSC), Full Overlap (FOL), Five Panel Folder, Double Wall Boxes, Tray Style Boxes...

Carton Erectors

Relative to other packaging equipment, GURKI's automatic case erectors are simple. They're makes your work easy.

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General Application For Carton Erector

Gurki Carton Erector boast a broad spectrum of applications, and what's listed below is just the beginning. Contact us for further solutions and insights.

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