High-speed Carton Erector
High-speed Carton Erector

High-speed Carton Erector


The high-speed carton erector is designed and produced based on many years of practical experience. The cam drive system and the connecting rod are used to control the entire machine, leading to fast, precise and stable motion. The horizontal erector producing speed can reach 30 ctns/min. The machine is easy to operate and adjust which is widely used in warehousing, e-commerce, printing, color boxes, greeting cards, photo albums, photo frames, medicine, electronics, daily chemicals, cosmetics, auto parts, hardware, food and other mass production industries.

Max Speed


Packing Size


  • Durable parts: Using durable parts, electrical and pneumatic components. According to many years of practical experience and technology, the machine can be in stable production.
  • Automatic warning alarm: Automatic warning alarm.
  • Safer: Add a transparent organic glass protective cover, and the door will automatically stop to avoid accidental operation.
  • High speed: Unpacking and bottom sealing can be completed at one time in horizontal forming, and the speed can reach 30 ctns/min.
  • Flexible expansion: Can be used with automatic packaging lines.
Carton Opening Speed 30ctns/min
Carton Size L240-510xW190-400xH120-400mm (220≤W/2+H≤570, L+W≤870)
Power Supply 220V 50HZ 1 Phase
Power 1000W
Adhesive Tape Width 48/ 60mm (Choose one type) 2 inch ,2.5 inch
Carton Storage Quantity 80pcs (800mm)
Air Consumption 300NL/min
Air Compressing 6kg/cm³
Table Height 960-1000mm
Machine dimension L2120xW1410xH1900mm
Machine Weight 1000KG
  • Available for multiple size of cartons

    Minimum size is 240mm.

  • Double gear mechanism

    Compared with the traditional pin-in method, adopting double-gear mechanism design, more stable to grab cartons with larger bearing capacity. The temporary storage capacity of the carton can reach 800mm.

  • Folding mechanism

    Adopt double-link and double-swing arm, folding front and rear cover mechanism design, the carton is formed quickly in light and smooth action with high-efficiency.

  • High performance motor

    It can work steadily and efficiently without interruption, by adopting stable, powerful and durable motor.

  • Human-machine interface

    Siemens touch screen and concise operation interface are selected, which are easy to understand and easy for operators to input data and adjust.

  • Carton forming mechanism

    Because of light and thin carton, the carton forming mechanism adopts suction cup and imitated manipulator design, which is convenient to use less force to improve the efficiency of rapid carton forming in the process.

  • Unmanned rapid carton forming

    Without manual operation, suction carton, forming, bottom folding and sealing are completed at one time

  • Alarm warning function

    Equipped with tape and carton out of material alarm function, no material is automatically reminded, which is convenient for operators to add materials in time.

This carton erector has been widely used in food, medicine, beverage, tobacco, daily chemical, electronics, and other industries.

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