E-commerce Carton Erector
E-commerce Carton Erector

E-commerce Carton Erector


Gurki e-commerce carton erector GPK-30H15 is specially designed for the e-commerce industry, which meets the demand of 12 boxes per minute, is equivalent to 10 times of manual sealing. It can solve the problems of large quantity of packaging and slow packaging in e-commerce peak season. At the same time, it does not need any maintenance. It can be used immediately as long as it is powered on. It can be equipped with weighing, labeling, scanning and other equipment you need, and also can be connected to the warehousing system to complete the whole warehousing and shipping inventory.

Max Speed

12-15 cases/min

Packing Size


  • Suitable for small cartons: Small carton packing machine specially developed for the e-commerce industry.
  • Matching use: Including front-end labeling machine and back-end baler.
  • Docking system: can be connected to e-commerce and warehousing system for automatic counting.
  • Save manpower: the unpacking of goods is replaced by machines.
  • High efficiency: stable unpacking speed, higher efficiency.
  • Safer: the machine is equipped with safety protection measures, and the operation is more assured.
Carton Opening Speed 10-15 cases/min
Carton Size Length: 130-320mm Width: 80-200mm Height: 90-200mm
Power Supply 220V 50/60Hz 1 Phase
Power 240W
Adhesive Tape Width 48mm, 2 inch
Carton Storage Quantity 80~100pcs (1000mm)
Air Consumption 450NL/min
Table Height 650+50mm
Machine dimension L1800×W1800×H1350mm
Machine Weight 350KG
  • Durable parts

    Adopt Siemens, Schneider and other durable parts and accessories with precise performance, no vibration during operation, and stable operation.

  • Automatic buckle

    The trough fixing bracket adopts the automatic buckle of the push box plate to lock the trough plate, which is convenient for use.

  • Appearance

    The total length of the machine is 1800mm, which occupies a smaller area than similar products. Similar products on the market have a larger shape, a large floor area, and a length of more than 3600mm.

  • Precision parts

    Tens of thousands of parts aging tests to ensure that every detail is more stable and the failure rate is low.

  • Durable conveyor belt

    The conveyor belt with strong friction is adopted, the material is thick and durable, and the conveying is stable.

  • Power switch

    Use cost-effective power switches, and the service life of key switches can reach 100,000 times

  • Available for customized horizontal material trough

  • Suction cup

    The suction cup with strong suction force is used to grasp the carton stably and durable.

This carton erector is specially designed for the e-commerce industry.

It can be used immediately and can be used with equipment such as weighing, labeling, and code scanning. At the same time, it can be connected to the warehousing system to complete the entire warehouse and shipping inventory.

Here are some things you can expect:

·A review of your current packaging processes and suggestions for improvements.
·A plan for how to right-size machine platforms for speed and complexity to match your current—and future—production demands.
·Examples of how packaging automation was successfully implemented in businesses similar to yours.
·Suggestions for new packaging equipment that will dramatically increase productivity and efficiencies.

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