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Top and Bottom Driven Case Sealer GPB-56
Top and Bottom Driven Case Sealer GPB-56
Machine fit for long period single carton size packing, Easy carton size change over. Standard machine height can reach to 600mm. more packing range without customize. Machine can be used in many industries.
Automatic Flaps Folding Case Sealer GPI-50
Automatic Flaps Folding Case Sealer GPI-50
GPI-50 is an advance Random carton sealer. This machine can detect the carton size and adjust itself to fit the carton automatically. Widely use in packing line which change the carton side very often. Machine can auto finish the top flaps folding and top and bottom sealing. very easy to operate and maintain.
Case sealing and strapping machine GPP-50C
Case sealing and strapping machine GPP-50C
Imported PLC controls whole machine;Driven motor from Taiwan;Air-cylinder from Taiwan;Conveying belts from Italy;Separate contribution box;With an Emergency stop button;2" & 3" tape heads both are suitable for this machine.

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Automatic sealing machine in the toy packaging market sell like hot cakes

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The first brand of automatic sealing machine manufacturer firm gemany, specializing in the production of automatic folding &sealing machine, four side sealing machine, driving up and down, sealing machine, automatic sealing machine, such as shenzhen firm march is the best and most professional domestic automatic packing production enterprise.

Toy production in China in recent years the development of the industry has been growing by leaps and bounds, more and more great new toys.Toy products to get a good market sales, packaging is critical.Good packaging can make toys more attractive, can attract more customers to buy.Now society artificial labor prices, however, toy companies to consider from the direction of improving corporate profits, certainly will want to consider to reduce the cost of produce toys including the control of the product packaging costs.The emergence of the automatic sealing machine well meet the requirements.

Automatic sealing machine adopts automatic operation system to replace the original manual operation, accelerate the speed of product packaging sales, won the profits for the enterprise, therefore, automatic sealing machine quickly occupy the market in China.Under this big background, packaging machinery enterprises with automation technology, it has huge market dynamics, so each big packaging machinery enterprises have begun to invest a lot of technology, automatic sealing machine in the field of study.

Shenzhen firm march packing independent development and production of a specific toy packaging automatic sealing machine, after the market has been a huge response.In traditional toy packaging industry, is the artificial water was taken to a box to encapsulate a box, so there are many drawbacks, such as: way, artificial seal for quality guarantee, product package easy to degumming, sealing is not strong, so the durability of the products is poor;And secondly, artificial covers an area of big, sealing fee;Three workers tired often come to rest, time consuming;Four, artificial waste sealing tape paper core, cause the material waste, increase the cost.Given above the shortcoming of traditional manual sealing, firm the march automatic sealing machine was born well solves the above problem, don't waste material, waste not place concurrently at the same time, the advantages of waste not artificial, so soon got the favour of each big toy manufacturers, firm the march automatic sealing machine has made a lot of orders from all over the country.

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