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Case sealing and strapping machine GPP-50C
Case sealing and strapping machine GPP-50C
Imported PLC controls whole machine;Driven motor from Taiwan;Air-cylinder from Taiwan;Conveying belts from Italy;Separate contribution box;With an Emergency stop button;2" & 3" tape heads both are suitable for this machine.
Top and Bottom Driven Case Sealer GPB-56
Top and Bottom Driven Case Sealer GPB-56
Machine fit for long period single carton size packing, Easy carton size change over. Standard machine height can reach to 600mm. more packing range without customize. Machine can be used in many industries.
Automatic Flaps Folding Case Sealer GPI-50
Automatic Flaps Folding Case Sealer GPI-50
GPI-50 is an advance Random carton sealer. This machine can detect the carton size and adjust itself to fit the carton automatically. Widely use in packing line which change the carton side very often. Machine can auto finish the top flaps folding and top and bottom sealing. very easy to operate and maintain.

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Buy several points of the heat shrinkable machine analysis

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Buy heat shrinkable machine and consumption makes no difference in daily life, but the heat shrinkable machine quality directly affects the production efficiency, so we when selecting a heat shrinkable machine to choose carefully.Shenzhen firm under the march on the issue to make a brief introduction, hope can help you.

Buy heat shrinkable machine four steps:

First: first to determine which they will buy heat shrinkable confidential packaging products.Product size to be clear, this step is critical, because don't know what is your products, specifications are something, factory is bad introduce suitable models to you.Some manufacturer is a wide variety of products, to buy packaging machine, often performed better than compatibles packing machine.

Second: high cost performance is the first principle.In the materialistic era, although heat shrinkable machine quality has greatly improved than before, but the proportion of exports has been higher than the imported a lot, a lot of manufacturers to cut corners, to reduce the cost of production.

Third: it is best to choose a specialized manufacturer of heat shrinkable machine, packaging machine have a plenty of manufacturers are more diverse, basically has, as long as it is related to packaging that will no doubt diversify its energy.Specializing in the production of heat shrinkable machine enterprise find as much as possible, such as shenzhen firm ji is a professional manufacturer of heat shrinkable machine and other mechanical equipment.

Fourth: this step is also critical, as far as possible choose accessories complete, after-sales powerful manufacturers.And choose to operation and maintenance is simple, automatic continuous feeding machine, it can improve packaging efficiency and reduce labor costs, suitable for the long-term development of the enterprise.

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