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Automatic Flaps Folding Case Sealer GPI-50
Automatic Flaps Folding Case Sealer GPI-50
GPI-50 is an advance Random carton sealer. This machine can detect the carton size and adjust itself to fit the carton automatically. Widely use in packing line which change the carton side very often. Machine can auto finish the top flaps folding and top and bottom sealing. very easy to operate and maintain.
Case sealing and strapping machine GPP-50C
Case sealing and strapping machine GPP-50C
Imported PLC controls whole machine;Driven motor from Taiwan;Air-cylinder from Taiwan;Conveying belts from Italy;Separate contribution box;With an Emergency stop button;2" & 3" tape heads both are suitable for this machine.
Top and Bottom Driven Case Sealer GPB-56
Top and Bottom Driven Case Sealer GPB-56
Machine fit for long period single carton size packing, Easy carton size change over. Standard machine height can reach to 600mm. more packing range without customize. Machine can be used in many industries.

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Gurki--The Shining Star of Automatic Packaging machine

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The shining star-- Gurki, has been 18 years accumulation in the packaging industry. From the initial outlets shop went to become a outstanding in the packaging industry,no doubt it takes pioneer endless efforts. Gurki was established in Shenzhen in 1997, developed from a family store to have four sales branches in Guangdong. After long-term exploration and unremitting efforts, Gurki set up factory officially in 2007, become a real production enterprise. After the lows at the beginning, Gurki rapid development in recent years and become the first of carton erector and carton sealing machine around China. Gurki Brand is already known in the whole packaging industry.

   Junlong Huang, the vice president of Gurki Packaging Machine Co.,Ltd.

According to his introduction we can know that Gurki mainly to product secondary packaging equipment which is not directly contact with goods.mainly including carton erector, carton sealer,strapping machine,casing machine and hacking machine,etc. As technology promotion and application of the growing demand for the enterprise automatic reform, and the business of the automatic packing lines increase gradually.

   The so-called automatic packaging line is to provide a complete set of packaging solution for the factory and help them to reduce human input, improve production efficiency and yield. In general, an automatic packaging line can save several people to dozens of people and it can personnel salary hundreds of thousands dollars to millions of dollars. From the point of long-term development, it’s an obvious advantage that put into automatic packaging line, the returning cycle are much better than human input. But most of enterprise are more care about lump-sum too much at present. Therefore, there’s a certain resistance of automatic packaging line in the market promotion. “Customs from all walks of life are want to replace artificial to machine to achieve packing automation and intelligentize ”Junlong Huang says,” From the existing technology, It’ s very difficult to achieve completely automatic, especially some traditional industries, packaging process is very complex and no ,eans to achieve fully automatic at all, it may still needs artificial cooperate on some position. So, technology promotion is a timeless theme. ”

   To match the automatic packaging line, besides packaging machinery and equipment, there is robot,too. Gurki is inclined to start from the inherent customers, design a real automatic production lines which fits with robot.


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