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New delta 3 robot touts 50% higher payload

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At PACK EXPO, Schneider Electric ELAU Packaging Solutions demonstrated the next generation of its delta 3 robot arms for embedded applications in packaging machinery.

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The P4 robot represents a completely new design with a new 1.5 kg payload capacity at 7.5 G acceleration, compared to the previous 1 kg. At 3.5 G accel, its capacity increases to 3.5 kg.

An optional rotary axis is offered to increase freedom of movement. The drive housing, arms and end effector mounting plate are all constructed of stainless steel. The work envelope of the P4 is 1200 mm wide x 225 mm high.

Drive selection determines the IP rating and scope of integration: The P4s model with standard servo motors and cabinet-mounted drives is IP 65 rated for washdown duty. The P4i replaces conventional servo drives with ELAU’s Intelligent Servo Modules.

The servo modules save valuable cabinet space and simplify cabling for applications where washdown is not required. Servo modules integrate drives directly onto the motors. A single quick-connect hybrid cable supplies power and network communications from a shared power supply in the electrical cabinet.

With vision support, the P4 can also be utilized for pick & place applications with random and/or mixed product infeed. ELAU robotic solutions are compatible with virtually all standard vision systems. A preprogrammed Cognex interface can further reduce engineering effort when using these popular vision systems.

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