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 On the sunny day of 2nd of August, Gurki pack families took part in the one-day-outward training. What we want to learn from the meaningful training is that we want to, get closer to each other, increase more accountability and make our team stronger. Here we had graduated at last:

Challenge one


The first game is to challenge hand-shaking ---shake your hands as fast as you could in one minute; to shout slogan; to find out the color after you get the order from the master. In the beginning, everything think that it is easy to handle, but once we do ,we find that it is not easy to do it well with the team. After try and try again ,we know each other little by little, and we start to understand what teamwork should be, what should everyone do to get the whole team succeed.

 Challenge two


The second game is to finish a hard task by the team. We separate us as two members of team. In this case, the one to the other one will be as a competitor. Each team will work out their own team name, slogan, flag the song of the team and the show of the team’s ceremony.

After we set up the team, we start the real competition: there will be 3 steps to do by each team:

1.     Count off

2.     Throw and get the bottle of water –throw the one in your hand and get the one from the person next to you from right to left. If one person cannot get the bottle from the other person next to him/her, the game will be start again, but time will not stop.


3.     Shout each word of the slogan with your hands shaking, no more errors and do as fast as you could.

After the a few times of testing, both teams face to the failure again and again. But we never give up, we learn to focus and try the new ways again. At last ,both team get through the challenge and understand more about the power of team work. Everyone is one of the most important member of the team, no one less to finish each challenge.

Challenge three


It is the lunch time soon in the noon, but it is not easy to eat lunch as normal time here. Because we still have a hard task to finish before we could get throw from hunger. Everyone should recite the poem in mind without any error: Before finishing digging the well, the solders never say thirsty; Before finishing the kitchen, the solders never say hungry; The solders never dressed raincoat nor fur coat no matter it rains or snows; No matter how hot or cold it is ,it is only the feeling inside the solders’ heart. It takes about 15minutes to get these words in all of our mind, it makes us feel each meal is not that easy, have to do a lot before we could enjoy it.



After the lunch, we have a little time to get rest. At this moment , the master of our team, who is also our Boss, Junlong Huang is talking with the people who help  record the moment that we are suffering ,learning and enjoying here.

Challenge four


The last game is to get over the 5meter high wall without stairs nor any other tool. What we have is only us. That is to say we could make a stairs by ourselves ,yes, this is the only way that we could get over the wall.

It is not easy to build this human-stairs, everyone should be brave enough, we shout our slogan again and again that we have confident to get over this wall, no matter how hard and dangerous to do it, we have to finish this task together in time.

We did take 20minutes to shout our slogan to prepare this dangerous task. When we have started, we find it not easy to keep people in the first stair safety, because the people on the second stair and third stair is a huge weigh on their shoulders who are standing on the first stair. We keep quiet and calm to build the basic 3layers-human –stairs. At the same time the first person will climb up with his feet step on this people’s thigh and shoulders to get over the wall on the top, then he will pull the other persons one by one from the top when they step their feet on the human-stairs on the bottom. At last we did succeed to get everyone getting throw this 5 meter high wall with our own strength.


 At that moment, we found we have built the real team that has the great power to get throw any problems---because we are the complete part,and we trust each other, what’s more important , we love each other more than anytime---we are the families.

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