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Sealing Machine Installation Instructions

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Sealing machine installation considerations:

First, placed in a horizontal bottom sealing machine, the first lock brake casters, adjust a foot to fit height, make the machine frame for horizontal position.

Second, the required sealing cartons on conveying the stage:

1, adjust the lift handle, make the gluing of the lead conveying bottom surface is lower than the height of the carton for about 3 ~ 5 mm;

Loosen locking the handwheel, 2, adjust the conveyor leg vise, make the conveyor leg vise on the cartons, then lock lock tight handwheel;

3, positioning of carton, carton positioning wheel and conveyor leg vise on tight the cartons at the same time, then lock lock tight the handwheel.

Third, turn the power switch and make the machine work, and then into carton sealing, if found that do not match the tape elastic sealing up and down, adjust the tape of the cylinder knob (general tape too tight, loosen the spring pressure; belt too loose, is stepping up spring pressure).

Fourth, if the sealing tape at both ends of the length, adjustment is take the lead in the cutting blade (generally head long tail short, adjust the cutting blade, loosen lock screw cutting blade, the cutting knife to offshoring, lock screw, vice head of short tail long, is cutting knife to move a bit)

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