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Enterprise concept excellence, the pursuit of stability, sincere management, meet the needs...

The core values

Continuous innovation, respect for the rules, harmony and win-win.

The spirit of enterprise, integrity, learning, team, innovation

Integrity: to make customer satisfaction is firm march integrity performance to the customer, make investors get stable income is firm march person for investors to the good faith, make win-win partnership with the company's firm march to be honest with partner.

Learning: learning is the source of power, the study of science and technology is the fundamental enterprise development, "deng xiaoping said that science and technology is the first productive force". Only by learning can make oneself upgrading, make the ability.Completes the labor of duty is one of the best learning process; Colleagues, experience is the best training materials;Pressure, learning is the best way to learn.Firm the march promoting lifelong learning, encourage employees to accumulate experience and knowledge for the organization, efforts to create a learning organization, constantly improve the enterprise competition ability.

Innovation: the firm ji won the achievements of the past, the innovation will create firm the march to the future glory. Firm the march innovation is not only reflected in the technological innovation, product innovation, also includes the management innovation, management innovation, production innovation, service innovation, and every aspect, every job is innovation.

Team: firm march advocate internal collaboration and cooperation, create a harmonious and healthy working environment.Employees are responsible for their own work not only, also responsible for collective work, responsible for the entire enterprise. We advocate team combat, personal success can only be reflected in the success of the team, the team's failure is the failure of the individual.

Concept of staff

Achievement on concept: not necessarily reflected in management positions, achievement does not necessarily reflect on dynamic event. As long as steadfast, diligence respect-work, any job can bring success. Sunlight encourages employees based on timber, through the achievement of loyal and completes the labor of duty.

Crisis concept: concept is to in time of peace prepare for war, to continue to search for the conquest of the self and the remarkable courage in the face of crisis and challenge, the crisis into opportunities and achieve the stable development of the enterprise. "Take the market as the guidance, take the customer as the center, customer satisfaction as the standard" is the fundamental guarantee of risk prevention.

Competition concepts: firm march pay attention to cultivate employees' sense of competition, improve the internal competition mechanism, strengthening management.Through fair competition, make the talents come to the fore.The company strictly follow the market rules of the game, advocating competition behavior, legal, the code in a rational and normative win the competition in the market.

Managing idea: managing must first improve the work efficiency, save manpower and time. Second should be through scientific and effective management, reduce the material consumption, avoid waste; In operation at the same time give full consideration to various inputs in the process of comprehensive benefits, improve the utilization efficiency of resources.

Professional concepts: firm march request every employee has a professional quality, pay attention to professional ethics. Only first become qualified professional people to become a qualified sunshine. Sunshine is professional employees, firm the march employee professionalism embodied in due diligence, do our best to, able to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations, faithful enterprise, industry actively, and a reasonable remuneration.

Responsible for employee

Adhere to quality, integrity, strictly perform their duties efficiently complete the task, continue to contribute.

Responsible for the company

Continuously providing high quality products, timely meet customer demand, obey the rules of the competition in the market, protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees.

Firm the march solemn promise: responsible for the customer, responsible for employees, socially responsible, responsible for investors.

The home culture

Firm the march is home to all the employee's work, is the home of the warmth and rules coexist.But firm march is not lazy and mediocre home, more is not people, unaccompanied by virtue, home.Become qualified member firm the march family, first of all must abide by professional ethics, faithful enterprise;Second must have the ability to continuously contribute to the enterprise.Enjoy warm family is the premise of contribute to the family, enjoy the family love is the premise of not doing harm the interests of the family.

Firm the march advocate employee and enterprise grow together.Company will treat all employees with an objective and fair attitude, but also must admit that the absolute fairness is not realistic, the company hopes to all firm march employees can use enough broad mind tolerance possible negligence, misunderstandings and injustice.But should firmly believe that firm march only facts, not the right person, as long as the efforts to contribute for the enterprise, will eventually get due reward.

The solid culture

Honest, steadfast, realistic and pragmatic are important features of the firm the march culture, firm the march real culture originated from enterprises for the integrity of loyalty. To be honest, work steadfast, oneself first after work. Treat problems to have a realistic spirit, a pragmatic attitude towards work.

Details of the culture

Firm the march know that detail decides success or failure, only to make a detail, to create high-quality goods;Only put an end to coarse, can reflect advantage;Only through management, to do good work.Firm the march to do fine and stronger.

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