Bubble Film Intelligent Express Packing Machine
Bubble Film Intelligent Express Packing Machine

Bubble Film Intelligent Express Packing Machine


This Model for E-commerce mailing bag sealing and labeling is connected with the WMS/ERP, etc. manager system via printer device. Bubble film and Paper film can be used. Some products need to be protected and safer, like 3C products, apparel books etc.

Max Speed

900 packages per hour

Typical Applications

Mail Order Fulfillment, Apparel, Footwear,
Fashion Accessories, Sporting Goods

  • machine 2 uses: Bubble Film or Paper Film;
  • Save Cost: 1 machine=3-5 workers;
  • Firm Seal: 3 knives cutting, no Mucosa, no crevasse, perfect sealing;
  • No Errol: 1 Scanning 1 printing, no wrong and missing label ;
  • High Efficiency: Max 900 packages/h;
  • System Connecting: Connected with any system like WMS/ERP;
OEM Service Accept
Packaged Stuff Size Length: 180-500mm, Width: 220-400mm, Height: 5-130mm (Width+Height<500mm)
Film Material Bubble film and Paper Film: 400-600mm Width
Computer HP: S01-pF012ccn (i5, RAM 8G, 256G SSG, 21.5-inch LCD, Mouse, Keyboard)
Printing Label Thermal Paper Length: 60mm-180mm, Width: 60mm-100mm
Connector Ethernet, USB, RS232
Speed Max 900 packages per hour
Power Voltage: AC220V/50HZ, Peak Power: 4.5KW
Air Pressure kPa: 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa; L/MIIN: 0.4m³/min
Machine Size Length: 6800mm, Width: 1690mm, Height: 1600mm
Machine Weight 800Kg
  • Blade

    3 knives cutting,no Mucosa,no crevasse,perfect sealing

  • Auto Sorting Machine

    According to preset computer instructions,items can be removed from the left and right sides

  • Conveyor Line

    Designed with oil resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-static and other materials, which is durable and not easy to damage

  • Membrane bracket device

    Heavy load, convenient refueling, smooth operation

  • Junctional Device

    Fast film connection design, convenient and quick

  • Computer

    Easy connection,computer office, simple operate

  • Clip Waste Film Device

    No manual operation, automatic scrap clamping, avoid waste falling all over the ground

  • Film Pull Device

    Based on setting length, automatically straighten, ensure the smooth packaging process

  • Siemens PLC

    Siemens PLC control program, accurate position and temperature control, stable operation, durable

  • Process Diagram

    The sealing line is neat and uniform, firm, violent sorting is not broken

  • Label Device+ Warn Prompt

    One scanning one printing,high speed and cut cost. If errol will alarm,and no missing label

  • Auto Code Reader

    Efficient image data acquisition, accurate identification, to prevent missed and wrong orders

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