Bubble bag e-commerce packing machine
Bubble bag e-commerce packing machine

Bubble bag e-commerce packing machine


This Model for E-commerce mailing bag sealing and labeling is connected with the WMS/ERP, etc. manager system via printer device. Bubble bag can be used(Paper bag under testing now). Some products need to be protected and safer, like 3C products, apparel books, etc.

Max Speed

720 parcels per hour

Bag Size

Width:180-450mm Length:200-500mm

  • Packing integration: Scanning、labeling、sealing and re-check integration;
  • Save Cost: 1 machine=2-4 workers;
  • Seal Firm: Heat-sealing,sealing firm and perfect
  • No Errol: 1 scan i labeling,no errol、no missing
  • High Efficiency: 1 man 720 bags/h
  • System Connecting: Connected with any system like WMS/ERP
Bag Size Width:180-450mm Length:200-500mm
Thermal Paper Label Paper Roll or Folding Paper Width:40-100mm Length:40-180mm
Packing Speed 720 parcels per hour
Connector Touch screen and mouse
Display Screen 15 inches
External communication Ethernet, USB, RS232
Power Voltage:AC110V/220V/, 50Hz/60Hz Peak Power:2.0KW Average Power:1.0KW
Air Pressure KPa:0.4Mpa-0.6Mpa;L/MIIN: 0.3m3/min
Machine Size Length: 2280mm Width: 1650mm Height: 1420mm
Machine Weight 400kg
  • Operation Panel

    Setting simple and generous Easy control Convenient novice master

  • Packing Integration

    Scanning—Getting Bag— Printing Label—Pasting Label—Re-check—Sealing

  • Printing and Labeling

    Connected to ERP system, scanning,printing then labeling timely automatic

  • High performance Motor

    Stable, strong power, high durability motor,fast and efficient operation

  • Deflector Device

    Grating Sensor,Improve operator safety, prevent hand clamping

  • Selected precision parts

    Better quality, more stable, longer use

  • Automatic transfer device

    Adjustable height automatic conveyor, protect the product, convenient conveying

  • Feeder

    Large storage,can feed without stopping machine, feeding more convenient

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