Semi automatic corner and side tape sealing machine
Semi automatic corner and side tape sealing machine

Semi automatic corner and side tape sealing machine


The semi automatic corner and side tape sealing machine GPB-56+GPG-50 is especially for the electronics and the industry that needs sea transportation, because the sealing effect can achieve dust, moisture, oxidation and acidity resistance. The machine can adjust manually the width and height to accommodate different sizes of cartons. And the 90° angle machine uses the cylinder to automatically push the box. Finally, the upper and lower corners and sides of the carton are automatically sealed at the same time. The sealing process is fast and stable, and the sealing effect is not wrinkled and can be combined with the GPA/GPB/GPC model to form the I-shape sealing.

Max Speed


Packing Size



  • 400-600 cartons / h
  • Cylinder control
  • PLC control program
  • Upper and lower drive belt
  • Suitable for heavy product
  • Manually adjust the width and height
Forming and sealing speed 480-600ctns/h
Carton size L320-500×W200-500×H180-500mm
Power supply 220/380V,1∮—3∮,50-60Hz
Applicable tape W48mm/60mm/75mm×L1000
Machine size L2750×W1900×H1580mm
Machine weight 530kg

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