Automatic L-type sealing and shrinking packaging machine

Automatic L-type sealing and shrinking packaging machine


Auto L-Bar Shrink Wrapping Machine is widely used in packaging requirement for batch production, high efficiency, auto film feeding and punching, auto film wrapping, sealing and cutting, manual adjust film guiding system and in-feeding conveyor for different width and height products.

Max Speed


Packing Size

W+H≤380, H<100, H+L≤450, L≥100


  • Equipped with PLC control system and safety protecting and alarm devices.
  • Constant sealing with no need of changing .Easy to operate and maintain.
  • The length of shrink film is automatically adjusted by the electric yes and control timer.
  • The added horizontal and vertical electric eyes provide options for switchover. It's suitable for sealing thin and small products.
  • Automatically perform the scraps discharge process. Leave no mess and keep your working space tidy and clean.
  • The machine is applicable to industries like food, gift, hardware, daily necessities, pharmacy, printing, etc.
MODEL GPL-4535I GPS-4525
Packing Speed 10-35pcs/min 1-40pcs/min
Packing Size W+H≤380mm, H<100mm, H+L≤450mm,L≥100mm W≤350, H≤180mm, W+H≤430mm
Cutter Size / Tunnel Size L555×W450mm L1000×W450×H250mm
Max Temperature 240°C 200°C
Electrical 220V 50-60Hz 1 Phase 220V/380V 50-60Hz 3 Phase
Power 2.5KW 10KW
Max Current 6.5A 18A
Air Compressing 0.6MPa~0.85MPa /
Table Height 850~880mm 850~880mm
Machine Dimension L1740×W1265×H1310mm L1320×W775×H1520mm
Machine Weight 330kg 185kg

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