Automatic Frontal Feeding Sleeve Sealing and Shrinking Machine

Automatic Frontal Feeding Sleeve Sealing and Shrinking Machine


The automatic Frontal Feeding Sleeve Sealing and Shrinking machine GPL-6030Z+GPS-6040 is made by international technology which is suitable for a single item packaging or bottom tray packaging. The machine has a compact structure and a small footprint. It is very suitable for automatic unmanned packaging of automatic packaging lines. This packaging machine is appropriate for exporting moisture-proof packaging for small household appliances, such as electric fan, microwave oven, oven and other outer box shrink packaging.

Max Speed


Packing Size



  • The seal is firm, no cracking, non-stick knife.
  • Adjustable two-side guide rods for different specifications of the product, easy to operate.
  • Using photoelectric detection, automatic positioning and sealing.
  • Fast packaging speed, unlimited package length.
  • Automatic pushing, film feeding, sealing and cutting.
  • Small machine footprint.
MODEL GPL-6030Z GPS-6040
Film PE PE
Packing Speed 8-20pcs/min 6-20pcs/min
Packing Size W+H≤650mm W≦500×H≦300mm
Cutter Size / Tunnel Size 700mm L1800×W600×H400mm
Max Temperature 220°C 220°C
Electrical 220V/380V 50-60Hz 3 Phase 220V/380V 50-60Hz 3 Phase
Power 2KW 20KW
Max Current 10A 32A
Air Compressing 5.5-8.5kg/cm³ /
Table Height 850+30mm 850+30mm
Machine Dimension L1720×W1140×H2000mm L2730×W980×H1710mm
Machine Weight 465kg 600kg

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