Collaborative Robot Palletizer
Collaborative Robot Palletizer

Collaborative Robot Palletizer


As the domestic demographic dividend gradually disappears, promoting modern and automated equipment to enter production lines to replace manual labor in high-intensity and highly repetitive work will help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency and industrial transformation and upgrading. There is a large demand for palletizing in industries such as food and beverage, logistics and warehousing, and pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
One-stop palletizing workstation: fast deployment, free of programming, easy to use, high efficiency, and cost-effective
With its advantages, it is the first choice and smart choice to meet various palletizing application scenarios.

Palletizing speed

8-13 box/minute

Applicable pallet size

L: 130-530mm W: 80-290mm H: 90-370mm(mm)

Highly integrated and easy to deploy: integrating collaborative robots, power supply, pneumatics, and lifting columns
The integrated palletizing platform can be deployed and put into production within 3 hours after admission.

Flexible expansion, peripherals on demand: users can choose to access clamps, suction cups, seventh
Axis and other peripheral equipment are easy to replace

Strong adaptability to meet various production environments: Made of magnesium-aluminum alloy, it can adapt to complex production environments such as corrosion and oxidation; compact design, single machine deployment space is less than 1 square meter, no safety guardrails are required, and can be efficiently used in different production lines

Wide range of applications: It can be widely used in logistics, daily chemicals, medicine and other fields, and plays an important role in industrial production and improving efficiency.

Palletizing speed 8~13 boxes/min
Load 20KG
Applicable size

L: 130-530mm W: 80-290mm H: 90-370mm

Compatible surfaces Ordinary carton surface, various smooth surfaces, various metal surfaces
Palletizing gripper Suction cup/splint
Palletizing height


working radius


Overall height of equipment


Applicable power supply

220v 50HZ

Rated voltage


Equipment power


Equipment weight


Covered area


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