Automatic folding and strapping machine
Automatic folding and strapping machine

Automatic folding and strapping machine


The automatic folding and strapping machine GPP-50C is a kind of packaging machine that integrates automatic sealing and bundling, and can be used with automatic packaging line. It realize automatic folding cover, upper and lower sealing tape, multi-bundling. This machine works efficiently, and can meet the needs of new and old customers.

Max Speed


Packing Size


  • Sealing and bundling are carried out at the same time. It is not only fast, but also efficient and small.
  • This machine adopts PLC automatic program control, which is easy to operate and has low failure rate.
  • Using photoelectricity to detect the binding position of the carton, one to three automatic bundling processes can be realized
  • All actions are done automatically, reaching unmanned packaging
  • It can be used in stand-alone operation, and can also be used with automatic packaging line
Packing speed 6ctns/min
Carton Size L200-600×W150-500×H150-500mm
Power Supply 380V 50/60Hz 3Phaze
Power 420W
Adhesive Tape Width 48/60/75mm
Air Consumption 50NL/min
Air Compressing 0.6Mpa
Table Height 600+150mm
Machine Dimension L2460×W1420×H1650mm
Machine Weight 500KG

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