automatic sorting system
automatic sorting system

automatic sorting system

parcel sorting solution

This product is a high-speed intelligent scanning code weighing and sorting line developed by our company, designed for e-commerce and logistics users. The whole line uses a high-performance scanning camera, high-speed weighing machine, and pendulum wheel sorting machine as the core, which sets automatic scanning, automatic weighing, automatic sorting, automatic collection, automatic removal of wrong parts, and other functions in one. Up to 3500 pieces/hour. It is the ideal solution for weighing and sorting in the e-commerce logistics industry. At the same time, it can connect with mainstream ERP systems and WMS systems according to customer needs.

Max Speed

3500 bags/hour

High Precision

Weighing accuracy is maintained within a 10-20g range

Whole Line flow : package → feeding → Automatic scanning code weighing → Intelligent sorting → finished

  • High Speed: The system integrates automatic code scanning, weighing, sorting, and collection, boasting speeds of up to 3,500 bags per hour.
  • High Precision: Weighing accuracy is maintained within a 10-20g range.
  • Labor Efficiency: Eliminating the need for manual intervention, one operational line can effectively replace 2-4 manual workers.
  • Error-Free: Upon scanning, the system autonomously cross-references weight information, ensuring accurate sorting and collection without manual errors.
  • Seamless Integration: Compatible with a broad range of ERP and WMS systems. Additionally, various data reports can be exported via USB interface.
  • Modular Expansion: The system can be effortlessly paired with different packing and sealing machines at the processing forefront.
Item Parameter
Package size L80-500mm, W100-500mm, H8-500mm
Package weight 20g-20Kg
Weighing accuracy ≤5kg +10g z 5kg-20kg +20g
Weighing and sorting speed 3500Pcs/H
Man-machine interface Keyboard, mouse
Display screen 21 inch LCD
External communication Ethernet, USB
Power supply AC220V/50HZ
Machine weight Customizable
Machine size Can be customized

  • Specification Brand

    Item Specification
    Inverter INOVANCE
    Motor GPG
    Weighing sensor METTLER TOLEDO
    Touch screen MCGS
    Photoelectric switch LEUZE/SICK
  • Technical parameters

    Name Parameter
    Weighing range 20g-20Kg
    Belt speed 12m/min
    Weighing accuracy W≤5kg ±10g, 5-20kg ±20g
    Package size L80-500mm W100-500mm H10-500mm
    Table height 730-830mm
    Power 600W
  • Precision weighing: High precision, strong anti-interference ability, fast transmission speed.

    No mistakes: After scanning the code, the system automatically matches the weight information without manual intervention.

    Automatic upload: Automatically upload data to the system, fast connection.

  • Pendulum wheel sorter GFG04A

  • Specification Brand

    Item Specification
    Modular pendulum wheel GURKI
  • Technical parameters

    Item Parameter
    Sorting beat 4500PCS/H
    Package size L80-500mm, W100-500mm, H10-500mm
    Table height 730-830mm
    Power 500W
  • Accurate classification: Classify items according to pre-set computer instructions.

    Fast and efficient: Speed up to 3500 pcs/hour.

    High sensitivity: Double-side steering pendulum wheel for fast and accurate classification.

  • HIGH-Speed transmission(strech line) GSS550A

  • Specification Brand

    Item Specification
    Conveying motor GPG
    Inverter INOVANCE
    Photoelectric switch LEUZE/SICK
  • Technical parameters

    Name Parameter
    Conveying speed 20-120m/min adjustable
    Belt width 550mm
    Table height 730-830mm
    Length 1m
    Power 500W
  • Special material: Selection of oil resistant, corrosion resistant, anti-static materials designed.

    Long life: Durable, not easy to damage.

    Special design: Non-slip lines increase friction.

  • Code scanning mechanism (GFS10-SM)

  • Specification Brand

    Item Specification
    Camera HIKVISION
    Industrial lens HIKVISION (2000W Pixel)
    Illuminant HIKVISION
    Computer HAILAN Industrial Integration Machine
  • Technical parameters

    Name Parameter
    Camera pixel HIKVISION 2000W Industrial camera
    Scanning speed 5000PCS/H
    Power 1000W
  • High sensitivity: Efficient image data acquisition to prevent missed and misplaced orders

    Intelligent recognition: Connect the system for quick resolution.

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