Case Sealer for Airplane Box
Case Sealer for Airplane Box

Case Sealer for Airplane Box


E-commerce aircraft box sealing machine is a machine specially created for the e-commerce industry to quickly seal aircraft boxes, with a sealing speed of 50 boxes per minute. It adopts belt drive on both sides, polygonal design device stabilizes the movement base, automatically up and down the back cover, supports No. 1-13 carton sealing, effectively prevents warping, tape sealing and other adverse packaging effects, the sealing effect is flat and beautiful. At the same time, the width and height can be manually adjusted according to the specifications of the carton, which is simple and convenient to operate. It can not only solve the problem of large number of packaging and slow packaging in the e-commerce peak season, but also does not require any maintenance, can be used as long as it is powered on, and can be used by stand-alone operation or with picture assembly line.

Max Speed


Packing Size


  • Express tape design: If you change the design of the traditional movement, you only need tograb the tape arm, and you can easilyremove the movement.You can quickly install the tape in 5 seconds.Theoperation is simple and convenient.
  • The movement of themovement is wrong: Satisfy a variety of flat cartonsand aircraft boxes,which is convenient for users to use.
  • Applicable aircraft box 1-13: The left and right driving aircraft boxsealing machines dedicated to thee-commerce industry, suitable forNo.1-13 carton.
  • Width height and inde.pendent adjustment: According to the cardboard boxspecificationsmanuallv adjust thewidth and height, simple and con-venient operation.
Packing speed Up to 50 cases/min
Carton size L130-∞mm×W80-400mm×H45-400mm
Power supply 220/380V 50Hz
Applicable Tape W48mm
Table Height 600-750mm
Machine Dimension L980×W735×H870
Machine weight 120kg

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