Instant Print Labeling Machine
Instant Print Labeling Machine

Instant Print Labeling Machine


The Instant Print Labeling Machine incorporates the ZEBRA high-industrial-grade printing engine, facilitating easy integration, operation, and maintenance. A multi-functional device, it can seamlessly switch between top and side labeling. Designed specifically for multi-SKU production in e-commerce, logistics, and cloud warehouses, it's the optimal partner for end-of-line packaging. With precise positioning, high-speed transmission, print-and-stick functionality, and an optional automatic scanning feature, scanning to label printing is made more efficient.

Max Speed


Labor Saving

Complete automation in printing and labeling

  • Intuitive touchscreen parameter adjustments for quick setup.
  • Continuous, high-speed automated labeling, operating 7x24 hours with a daily output of over 10,000.
  • Label positioning accuracy of ≤2mm.
  • Complete automation in printing and labeling, replacing multiple manual workers and reducing labor costs.
  • Capabilities include standard front labeling, side labeling, corner labeling, and swing-arm labeling.
Labeling Type Push Type
Paper Output Method Right Direction
Labeling Position Top/Edge/Corner/Jet Arm Labeling
Printing Method Thermal or Carbon Ribbon
Printing Resolution 305dpi, 203dpi, 609dpi, Specifiable
Printing Size Width: 30-100mm, Length: 30-150mm
Labeling Speed 2400 labels/hour
Labeling Accuracy ±2mm
External Interfaces R232 Serial/Parallel Port/USB2.0/Ethernet
Power Supply Voltage AC220V/50Hz
Dimensions Length: 1000mm, Width: 840mm, Height: 1400mm-1800mm (Customizable)
Weight 120kg
Power Consumption 600W
External Air Source, Air Pressure External Air Source, 0.4MPa-0.6MPa
Air Consumption 80-120L/min

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