Auto Bagger/ Poly Mailer Automatic Bagger
Auto Bagger/ Poly Mailer Automatic Bagger

Auto Bagger/ Poly Mailer Automatic Bagger

GS series

The automatic bagger GS60D we mainly issued for e-commerce customers and provides integrated solutions. It has gathered barcode scanning, thermal paper printing&labeling, poly mailer open&sealing,auto-transportation in this small machine, it also weighting function connected available according to customer needs, can be connected with ERP or WMS or other systems you are using.

Max Speed

1000 bags/h

Typical Applications

Mail Order Fulfillment, Apparel, Footwear,
Fashion Accessories, Sporting Goods

  • No Errors
    Express order generated by the system and automatically printed and glue, without manual intervention. And it can prevent errors.
  • Labor Cost Saving
    Just one person to operate, can pack 1000 bags per hour.
  • Electrostatic Eliminating
    Basis on scientific and technological to effectively eliminate electrostatic hazards, let work smoothly and reliably.
  • High Safety
    Prevent clamp, scald, Operational Error, Safe Handling.
  • Small Area, Easy Operation, High Generalduty
Features Scanning, Weigh, Prints Label, Auto Sealing Bag Labelling, Auto Sealing Bag Auto Sealing Bag
Bag Specification PE Rolling Bag Thickness : 0.04-0.08mm Width : 150-550mm Length : 240-800mm
Express sheet size Width: 40-100mm Length : 40-200mm Custom Made /
Speed Max 1000 bags/h Max 1200 bags/h
man-machine interface Mouse,Touch Screen,Virtual Keyboard /
Screen 15 inch LCD 7 inch LCD
External Communication Ethernet, USB, RS232 /
Pneumatic Supply 0.07m³/min 4-5Kg/cm³ 0.025m³/min 4-5Kg/cm³
Power AC220V, 50/60Hz 1500W
Machine Dimension L:1680mm W:850mm H:1420mm
Weight 370Kg 340Kg 320Kg

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