Real-Time Printing and Labeling Machine
Real-Time Printing and Labeling Machine

Real-Time Printing and Labeling Machine


The real-time printing and labeling machine boasts features such as automated printing and auto-adhesion. It's specifically engineered for multi-SKU production environments prevalent in sectors like e-commerce, logistics, and cloud-based warehousing. This sophisticated equipment is ideally suited to complement back-end packaging lines and sealing machines. Furthermore, it offers an optional integrated scanning unit, enhancing efficiency in scan-to-label processes.

Labeling speed

1200 pcs/hour

Labeling type

Push type

  • Touch Screen Interface: Utilize intuitive touch screen controls for expedited parameter adjustments.
  • High Efficiency: Achieve continuous, high-speed automated printing and labeling around the clock (7x24 hours) with a daily capacity exceeding 10,000 units.
  • Precision Labeling: Guarantees a labeling position accuracy of ≤±3mm.
  • Cost Efficiency: Full automation of the printing and labeling process significantly reduces labor costs.
  • Superior Finish: Labels adhere flawlessly, ensuring a smooth surface free from bubbles and wrinkles.
Model GTB100A
Labeling type Push type
Output method Right direction
Labeling position Top post
Printing method Thermosensitive
Print resolution 203dpi, 300dpi (Specifiable)
Print media Folded thermal sided sheet, Width MAX 100mm, Length: 50-200mm
Labeling speed 1200 PCS/HOUR
Display screen 7 inch touch screen
Communication Ethernet, USB
Voltage AC220V/50HZ
Machine Size L1000mm, W650mm, H1500mm-1800mm
Weight 80kg
Power 0.5KW
Air source, Air pressure External air source, 0.4Mpa-0.6Mpa
Air consumption ≥ 0.05m³/min

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