Poly Mailer Tabletop Bagging Machine
Poly Mailer Tabletop Bagging Machine

Poly Mailer Tabletop Bagging Machine


This machine is tailor-made for e-commerce customers and provides integrated solutions such as automatic scanning, automatic covering of express bags, automatic sealing of express bags, automatic pasting of express label and automatic transportation of goods. At the same time, the equipment adopts finishing production technology and table design, which is more in line with ergonomic aesthetics, reduces the occupied area, and meets the daily delivery needs of small and medium-sized e-commerce logistics enterprises. Touch screen operation panel, easy to adjust, more convenient to change people, the machine is suitable for a variety of roll film, the max speed up to 1500 bags per hour, according to customer needs, automatically docking e-commerce orders and enterprise ERP or WMS system, to provide customers with the overall solution of plastic bag packaging and delivery.

Max Speed

1500 bags/h

Typical Applications

Mail Order Fulfillment, Apparel, Footwear,
Fashion Accessories, Sporting Goods

  • Sealing Mechanism: The sealing mechanism is specially developed according to the characteristics of the express bag, the knife is preheated quickly, the knife is not mucous membrane when sealing, and the bag is not broken, which ensures that the sealing is firm and beautiful;
  • Easy Operation: Man-machine interface, you only need to input data on the operation panel before you can start packaging, easy to operate;
  • Material trough: The material trough adopts a convenient design, easy to change the material, and smooth feeding;
  • Automatic blowing packaging system: Equipped with upper and bilateral blowing systems, when working, the upper blowing can easily blow open the express bag, which is convenient to put into the product. At the same time, the blowing system on both sides is started to prevent the express bag from sticking to the splint;
  • All-in-one machine for sticking and bagging: All-in-one machine is specially designed for e-commerce logistics. Bagging, sticking, sealing and packing can be completed in one step, saving time and cost-reducing efforts;
  • Precision parts: The selection of precision accessories and finishing process materials, the whole machine operation bag sealing stability, high packing efficiency;
 PE Continuous Roll Bag Thickness: 0.04-0.08mm  Width: 140-390mm   Length: 240-800mm
Label Size Width: Max 100mm    Length: 100mm/180mm or Free setting
Speed Max capacity 1500 pcs/h
Man-machine interface Touch screen、Virtual keyboard
HMI 4.3inch touch screen
External communication USB, RS232
Power AC220V, 50/60Hz 0.5KW
Air compressing  0.35Mpa-0.6Mpa
Air consumption ≥0.24m3/min
Machine Dimension L880×W783×H696mm
Machine Weight 98Kg

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