Fully Automatic Variable Parcel Packing Machine
Fully Automatic Variable Parcel Packing Machine

Fully Automatic Variable Parcel Packing Machine


This product is a patented product of the unmanned full intelligent express strapping machine independently developed by our company, which is specially designed for e-commerce logistics users. The whole machine is based on high-performance industrial control computer, and provides integrated solutions such as automatic measuring, automatic scanning, automatic weighing, error rejection, sealing film, automatic printing, and automatic pasting express order. At the same time, we can offer the mainstream ERP system and WMS system according to the customers ‘s needs. We provide the overall solution for the shipment of plastic film goods packaging for customers. This is the first full intelligent express strapping machine on the market which is suitable for occasions with large shipments and diverse product specifications.

Max Speed

MAX 1200 packs / hour

Packaged object

Length: 150-500mm Height: 10-200mm (width plus height needs less than 500mm) Width: 150-450mm Weight: MAX 15kg

  • The sealing is firm and the packaging is beautiful According to the characteristics of the express bag, the vertical sealing system is specially designed to ensure the bag is strong. The horizontal sealing knife adopts servo control system with high stability and high speed.
  • Provincial consumables
    This equipment can seal and cut the conventional express film, can adjust the length of the bag adaptively, without manual intervention and use of adhesive tape, helping the company to save 30% of consumables.
  • High speed
    Full intelligent express strapping machine speed of up to 1200 bags per hour, using servo motor and variable frequency control technology, photoelectric automatic detection, 2D imager automatic scanning, to ensure the precise position of the product, suitable for packaging products of different sizes and shapes.
  • Intelligent adaptive
    The whole machine is based on high-performance industrial control computer, adopts intelligent servo control technology, can intelligently scan and identify product information, automatically adjust the sealing and cutting position according to the product size, quickly adjust the express bag and labeling position, and realize express automatic packaging. Widely used in products of different sizes and shapes.
  • Unmanned
    The equipment can automatically joint the mainstream ERP system, WMS system and the front section sorting line, without manual intervention, realize the product's scan code, weighing, film sealing film, automatic printing surface and paste all the process, truly achieve unmanned operation.
  • Extremely speed scanning
    This equipment breaks the traditional multi-machine combination design mode, integrating automatic weighing, code scanning, weighing, error rejection, film sealing, automatic printing express order and automatic express order pasting, without manual intervention, scanning adjustment takes only 0.5 second.
  • No error
    In order to prevent the occurrence of errors, the express order is automatically generated by the system and automatically printed and pasted without manual intervention.
  • High security
    Anti-pinch, anti-scalding, anti-misoperation, safe to use.
Packaging Material specificati PE roll film Diameter: MAX 300mm Film thickness: 0.05-0.1 mm Film width: MAX 700mm
Packaged object Length: 150-500mm, Height: 10-200mm, Width: 150-450mm(width plus height needs less than 500mm) Weight: MAX 15kg
Express order size Width: MAX 100mm Length: MIN 60mm
Packing speed MAX 1200 packs / hour
Human machine interface Touch screen, virtual keyboard
Display 15 inch LCD
External communication Ethernet, USB, RS232
Power supply 3-phase, AC380V, 50/60Hz Power: 10KW
Gas source 0.7-0.9MPa
Table height 870mm
Equipment size Length: 4350mm Width: 1300mm Height: 2020mm
Machine Weight 800Kg

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