GURKI Dominates at ProPak China 2023: A Recap

Sep. 13,2023

June 21st was a day to remember. As I entered the vast space of the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, the energy was palpable. This year's ProPak China 2023 had truly outdone itself, sprawling over an impressive 80,000 square meters. With over 700 enterprises from 16 different countries, the diversity was nothing short of astonishing.

GURKI's brilliance at ProPak

But in the midst of this international extravaganza, GURKI stood out. With innovative technology on display and a professional team ready to engage, we were a beacon for many. Our booths, located at 61E35 and 51H70, were constantly buzzing with intrigued clients. Many were captivated by our fresh perspectives on post-production packaging solutions.

Engaging discussions at GURKI's booth

Having been immersed in the automation packaging machinery industry for 26 years, GURKI's strength lies not just in our equipment but in our history. Our multifaceted expertise in R&D, production, sales, and after-sales service is evident. And let's not forget our numerous patented technologies that set us apart.

At ProPak China 2023, it was clear. Our dedication to revolutionizing packaging solutions, backed by years of experience, was more than just business. It's our passion. It's what makes GURKI, well, GURKI.


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