GURKI Takes Center Stage at SinoPack Expo!

Aug. 06,2023

The year began with an industry bang at the SinoPack Expo, one of the grandest events for the packaging sector. Spanning a whopping 140,000 square meters and boasting participation from over 1800 exhibitors, the SinoPack truly outdid itself this year. From printing and labels to full-on packaging solutions and end-user applications, the expo provided a comprehensive view of the industry's landscape. For many like me, it wasn't just an expo, but a hub for innovation and business networking.

SinoPack Overview

But among the multitude of exhibitors, one name stood out - GURKI. Our team was there, on the ground, constantly engaging with attendees. We weren't just there to showcase; we were there to understand, to learn, and to provide tailored solutions to our clientele. Whether it was explaining the intricacies of our machines or suggesting ways to ramp up production efficiency, we had it all covered.

GURKI Team Interaction

A bit about us: At GURKI, we pride ourselves on our robust technical foundation and a comprehensive suite of services that spans development, research, production, sales, and post-sales support. With 26 years under our belt, specializing in automated packaging machinery research and development, we bring a treasure trove of patented technologies to the table.

GURKI's Legacy

The SinoPack wasn't just another event for us. It was an affirmation of our commitment to our clients and a testament to our longstanding expertise in the industry. Here's to more innovations, and to more opportunities for collaboration and growth in the future! If you're as passionate about packaging solutions as we are, let's connect. We're always eager to explore new horizons.

GURKI's Vision


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