The new German packaging law will come into effect in 2019. How should these export companies respond?

Dec. 28,2018

In May last year, Germany passed a new packaging law, which will enter into force in 2019. The law states that the recycling target for different packaging materials will increase, and will increase from the current 36% to 63% by 2022. The law will also encourage reusable packaging with a goal of 70% reusable beverage packaging. The implementation of the law will greatly affect the future of producers. How to deal with textiles, hardware, metal products, plastic products, electrical products, furniture, curtains, high-grade decorative glass and other industrial products exported to Germany?

Environmental protection, waste paper recycling, different countries have different practices.

In this regard, Germany's "Packaging Waste Management Measures" stipulates: packaging waste management should be carried out in the order of "reduction, reuse, recycling, final disposal", and set the recycling target and time limit of different packaging waste. With the law at the source to ensure the orderly clean up of express garbage.

In France, from small milk packaging boxes to large household appliances and even automobiles, most of the domestic waste and waste are included in the recycling category.

For food enterprises, China's inspection department said that according to the new German food labeling law, all food produced by countries outside the European Union entering Germany must be inspected at the eu border in accordance with relevant provisions, and re-inspected when entering Germany. When entering Germany, re-examination will be carried out. In-situ destruction that cannot be handled. This requires that when the company exports, the packaging label must indicate the producer, production process, place of origin, company name, food composition, date of manufacture, shelf life and certification label, etc., and can perform historical information back-tracking so that the cause of the problem can be found out when problems occur.

For excessive and fancy packaging at home, Chinese export enterprises should learn more advanced packaging from foreign countries, use simple cartons and packaging of recyclable and reusable materials, and use less tape and waybills made of special materials. We also try to actively explore packaging material technology, such as packaging candy and chocolate with crystal insulation layer, which can provide thermostatic protection during transportation and facilitate recycling and processing.

It is worth noting that this legislation applies to all manufacturers, importers, distributors and online retailers who place goods on the German market. This requires enterprises to establish a responsibility recycling system as soon as possible, through a series of measures to increase the recycling rate of cartons. In terms of materials, enterprises should use more environmentally friendly materials. In mechanized production, enterprises should improve the equipment of automated production lines to save the cost of personnel and production and improve production efficiency. For the automatic packaging line production equipment, our company focuses on intelligent backchannel packaging equipment. Its equipment and performance can meet the production needs of the enterprise. The operation is simple and the production efficiency is high. If necessary, please send us an email consultation:


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