World premiere! GURKI e-commerce package delivery tool came out! Why are logistics providers and e-commerce companies queuing to buy?

Dec. 28,2018

The development of e-commerce has shown a rapid and straightening trend, from Taobao, Tmall to Jingdong, Suning and other comprehensive categories of e-commerce, to a multi-disciplinary, Netease koala, Xiaohongshu and other personalized e-commerce platform, and today's major brands’ own e-commerce website. People's lives are inseparable from online shopping.

The annual "618 promotion" is coming again. All major e-commerce companies and logistics companies are preparing intensively. On the day of the festival, who can pack the goods as soon as possible, who will be able to give customers a better experience, win more praise from customers, and lay a solid foundation for getting more orders in the future.

E-commerce builds up express, this is a very true portrayal of Chinese e-commerce and express. Logistics companies such as Stone Express, SF Express and Debon Logistics have been listed intensively in the past two years.

E-commerce gives birth of express is true, but from another point of view, e-commerce wants to develop well, logistics industry construction must also keep up. This is the reason why Ma Yun established the “Rookie Network” in 2013, and it is planned to spend 300 billion yuan to build a logistics service that “allows all regions in China to deliver within 24 hours”.

24 hours, an ageing which only Tmall , Jingdong and some developed areas can achieve. Why they are chasing speed?

The reason is simple, user experience. The rhythm of life is getting fast, and living standard is getting high, the user experience must be better. At the same time, there is another important reason, which is the market is huge, or Ma Yun won’t get payback with those money.

Perhaps the chance is coming…

In fact, according to the current domestic capacity, whether it is a car, a train, a high-speed rail, or an airplane, except for a few remote areas, the rest can be reached within 24 hours, but why has it not been able to realize the imagination of Ma Yun’s “Rookie Network”?

From the in-transit transportation, 24 hours are far enough, the key difficulty lies in the sorting and unpacking inspection of each logistics transfer station, and it takes a lot of time to pack and send. At this time, a good e-commerce packing machine is very important. There is an e-commerce packing machine called the GURKI brand. Since its inception, it has been constantly getting the snap-up of logistics companies. What is the reason?

At the beginning, it was only a courier outlet that discovered the GURKI e-commerce packing machine, which was quickly known by major logistics companies and rushed to buy. Then, e-commerce companies came, and they later called it " Artifact." How amazing is this "Artifact", so that so many logistics companies and e-commerce companies are fascinated?

Thousands of billion level market

First of all, let’s see how huge is the market.

According to the "2018-2023 China E-Commerce Industry Market Prospects and Investment Opportunities Research Report" released by the China Business Research Institute, it is estimated that the overall transaction scale of China's e-commerce in 2017 will reach 24.1 trillion yuan, an increase of 17.4%. With the gradual improvement of the business and industry, it is estimated that the scale of China's e-commerce transactions will reach 28.4 trillion yuan in 2018, an increase of 17.8% year-on-year, and this scale continues to grow at a high speed.

Then comes the surge in express volume. Ma Junsheng, director of the State Post Bureau, pointed out on February 27 that the volume of China's express delivery business has ranked first in the world for four consecutive years. In 2017, the national express delivery volume reached 40.06 billion pieces, 33.4 times that of 2007, with an average annual growth rate of ten years. 42%.

The demand of e-commerce and express delivery in recent years is evident. But this alone is not enough to fully summarize the market for e-commerce packing machines.

It is not only e-commerce companies that need GURKI’s package and deliver "Artifacts" , as long as they are manufacturers and traders who have continuous packaging and delivery requirements, such as domestic wholesalers on 1688, AliExpress, Cross-border e-commerce sellers on Amazon, their needs are very urgent. Of course, it is essential for logistics providers to equipe the GURKI e-commerce packing machines.

There are billons of e-commerce companies across the country having at least 10 million levels of demand for the GURKI e-commerce packing machines. The data shows that as of September 2017, the number of logistics companies nationwide exceeded 300,000, and Zhongtong one single company has had 30,000 express outlets. It goes without saying that manufacturers, traders, and logistics companies can reach millions of units. In other words, the market demand for e-commerce packing machines is in the tens of millions of units. The price of the GURKI 1st generation is x million yuan/set, and the conservative calculation is 10 million units, which is the market scale of 100 billion yuan.

Pain point and solution

Then, we will see what problem can a GURKI packing machine solve.

Take the "Double 11", 618 and other e-commerce carnival shopping festivals as an example, the amount of express parcels is very amazing. The data shows that in 2017, “Double 11” generated a total of 850 million express logistics orders. Such large-scale orders require sorting and packaging and delivery in a very short period of time, which is a huge challenge for e-commerce and express logistics companies.

Let's imagine such a scenario:
On the day of 6.18, xxx e-commerce brand got 10,000 orders, the boss was so excited and then came the problem. The company was lack of labours, and labours frequently made mistakes. They got so many packages returned for parcel damaged.

After taking this lesson, the boss got smarter, he hired 10 labours before double 11. On the day of double 11, 30000 orders came and were handled easily. But the boss found that the loss of tapes, boxes and papers was several times higher than usual which made him headache. Then came another problem, those new recruits were quickly idle. Due to the long-term contract signed, the direct resignation requires an additional one-month salary as a liquidated damage, and if the boss did not fire them, the cost was still very large.

Some people said that the boss could have hired some temporary workers. But temporary workers during double 11, were also cost highly, and was hard to control the quality.

The situation like the boss above is not only a single case, it should be a common phenomenon in the entire e-commerce industry, and even the logistics industry is no exception.

How e-commerce and logistics companies improve efficiency when facing this situation?
There are some questions needed to be concerned while improving efficiency :
1.How to reduce labor cost?
2.How to reduce loss of materials?
3.How to keep the quality of delivery?

These are the problems that are being solved by GURKI’s packing machines.

After understanding the pain points and demand for packaging and delivery in the e-commerce industry, China Packaging Machinery Industry Association set up a special team to unite the senior automated packaging equipment company GURKI, visited 36 e-commerce representative companies to understand their pain points and needs, and explored the feasibility of automatically packaging and delivery. After 188 days, tested nearly 10,000 times, finally GURKI developed the world's first e-commerce intelligent packaging machine GS60A.

It can pack 500 orders per hour, calmly coping 5000 orders per day, and it only requires 1 — 2 labours. How could it do that?

This machine provides product scanning, product weighting, set plastic bags, automatically plastic bags sealing, automatically print orders, automatically pasting orders and automatically transporting product and so on in one. At the same time, this machine can connect to users’ ERP system or WMS system, making your packing easier.

The pain points which were solved by GURKI intelligent express packing machine were very obvious :
1.Smart printing
Order information is generated by the system and automatically printed and pasted, no manual action required, keeps errors away.
2. Saving labours
This machine can pack up to 500 packages per hour, only need one labor.
3. Avoid static electricity
We use technology to prevent static electricity.
4. Safe
Anti-pinch, anti-scalding, anti-misoperation, safe to use.
5. Energy saving and environmental protection
No need sealing tapes, save resources and avoid unnecessary waste of consumables.

With the help of GURKI e-commerce packing machine, logistics companies and e-commerce companies can not only reduce costs and improve efficiency, but also can guarantee the quality. What else could they use if they don’t use such a good machine?

After watching this, i guess it’s not hard to understand the reason why it was so popular as soon as GURKI packing machine came out.

The once popular e-commerce has spawned the explosive development of the logistics industry. Now, would the intelligent packing machine which was paid attention by logistics companies and e-commerce companies become a new hot spot?

We only talk about the market requirements and customers’ feedback, as a dealer, what are you waiting for?


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