Hiring 10 people to pack, it is better to start the automatic sealing line

Jan. 01,1970

A brief summary

In Fengshun, there is a company that sells electronic products, with a production base of more than one million square meters and a sealing line of sixty meters. They arranged 10 employees, and when they opened the box, they put the product, sealed it while packing it, and repeated it for 5-6 seconds. Workers should go to the office six days a week, at eight o'clock in the morning, at seven o'clock in the evening. if one person stops, the whole line stops. Can this situation change? The answer is yes, a fully automatic sealing line can be solved perfectly, with thousands of packages per day.

For those who focus on hardware and electronics production, they will encounter problems such as a wide variety of products and high work intensity. To this end, Gurki has specially designed a packaging and packaging production line for such electronic and hardware products, so that it can only be upgraded to a fully automated mechanical operation by relying on the labor packaging mode. In this way, thousands of packages can be packaged daily, and the work efficiency of workers is also increased by 2-3 times, saving the company labor and cost.

Industry Status

Industry pain point


10 people sealed and packaged, high labor costs

The sealing line only needs 2-3 people

One person can pack one box per minute

Packing speed can reach 2-3 boxes / min

The sealing effect is different, the brand image is poor

Sealed flat, high brand image

Use of advantage

1. Automation The carton sealing can be adjusted automatically, and the whole process of packaging can realize unmanned operation.

2. High efficiency No manual operation is required, and the daily production capacity can reach 1500-2000 pieces, which reduces the risk of product packaging failure.

3. Labor saving Only 2-3 employees need to pick up the product and put the product in a cardboard box. This can reduce labor and increase productivity.

4. Saving business costs

·Human resources cost

·Material production cost

· Workshop management costs

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