Auto bag inserter (Customizable)
Auto bag inserter (Customizable)

Auto bag inserter (Customizable)


This machine adopts the servo control, it can be connected to the front automatic carton erector, and the rear automatic cartoning machine realizes unmanned automatic packaging. The automatic bag inserter GPK-40T can automatically complete the carton input, positioning, film output, back cover, box entry, film cutting, sides folding, and carton output. Applicable to food, solid oil, oil, edible oil, condiments, biscuits, snack foods, bulk food, raw materials, beverages, chemicals, hardware, screws, electronics, rubber, plastic, plastic and other carton bagging.

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Packing Size


  • High Applicability: it can be combined with the carton erectors and different packaging equipments, and is suitable for various packaging methods.
  • Bagging accurately: the way of entering the carton can be divided into the upper part, the bottom part.
  • Simple operation: stable performance and easy adjustment.
  • Better protect the products in cartons: the advantage of the bag inserting is that it can protect the product, avoid product moisture, wetting and other factors affecting product quality.
  • Bag insert device: Strict structure design, stable and reliable operation process, no manual, convenient and fast;
  • Piping cutter cuts the bag smoothly: Sealing no cracking, no coking, no smoke, zero pollution, bagging and sticking, smooth and beautiful;
  • Electric Box: Equipped with moisture-proof, dust-proof electrical box, effectively protect circuit equipment safety, easy to manage;
  • Selected configuration stable and durable: Select the important configuration stable operation of the machine;
  • HMI: Touch screen control and button control switch, easy to learn and use;
  • Auto Alarm: Automatic warning light, no bag, emergency stop automatic flashing and warning, for you to provide safety protection and tips;
Folding speed 8-10pcs/min
Carton Size L250-500×W200-400×H150-400mm (L≥W+100mm)
Power Supply 380V 50Hz 3Phaze
Power 3.5KW
Air Consumption 50NL/mm
Air Compressing 4-7kg/cm³
Table Height 600mm
Machine Dimension L2000×W1600×H1900mm
Machine Weight 700kg

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