Automatic Tray Former (Customizable)
Automatic Tray Former (Customizable)

Automatic Tray Former (Customizable)


Automatic tray former is independently developed by Gurki according to the market demand. It adopts pneumatic control, easy operate and adjust, stable and durable. It can be automatically folded and formed by a mold, and the cardboard molding does not require the bonding of tape or hot melt adhesive. This machine extensive use in electric, toy, food, clothing, car accessory and other industries.

Max Speed

10 trays/min

Packing Size

L300-600mm, W200-450mm, H60-120mm& W+2H<580mm, L+4H<980mm (Customizable)

  • Non-standard customization: customized service according to different carton sizes;
  • Durable accessories: use imported parts and electrical components;
  • Easy to operate: easy to operate and adjust, stable and durable;
  • Types: Choice of hotmelt adhesive or lock form tray styles;
  • Electric Box: Equipped with moisture-proof, dust-proof electrical box, effectively protect circuit equipment safety, easy to manage;
  • Storage Device: Flat storage cardboard, and can be replenished at any time, no need to stop;
  • Screen control: Simple operation panel and touch screen control for easy use;
  • Alarm Light: Automatic warning warning light, card box alarm, no box alarm, emergency stop alarm;
  • Tray Effective:Folding edge is neat and uniform, forming beautiful, firm and not easy to deform.
Production speed 8-10 trays/min (Customizable)
Tray/Box Size L300-600mm, W200-450mm, H60-120mm& W+2H<580mm, L+4H<980mm (Customizable)
Power Supply 380V, 3 phase
Power 1KW
Air Consumption 200NL/mm
Air Compressing 5-7kg/cm³
Table Height 600+150mm
Machine Dimension L2700xW1600xH1650mm
Machine Weight 500kg

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