Automatic KN95 Face Mask Making Machine
Automatic KN95 Face Mask Making Machine

Automatic KN95 Face Mask Making Machine


KN95 automatic face mask making machine use ultrasonic welding molding to auto crop, it can be used for 1~5 layers of non-woven cloth, melt-sprayed cloth, hot-air cotton and other materials. Its degree of automation is high, and the output rate of mask is up to 80-110 pieces per minute with even size, mask nose bridge in the middle, no loss of material, high percent of pass, thus, the quality of masks produced is solved. Ultrasonic mask masking machine is an ideal equipment for the production of KN95/N95 masks to replace the traditional artificial making masks and achieve high quality.

Making Speed

80-110 pieces/min


KN95 mask

  • High Automation:PLC control,Easy operate,Making speed is fast,80-110 pieces per min;
  • Labor-saving:Only need one worker to feed material,Ensure the quality of masks,Labor-saving;
  • Stable Performance:Consists of precision parts,Stable performance ,High welding precision ;
  • Ultrasonic Welding Technology:20K International frequency standard ,Output Strong Stability, Ensure beautiful effect ;
  • Aluminum & Stainless Steel Materials: The machine body is made of aluminum and stainless steel, Not deform easily, Strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, Long service life;
  • Wide Application:Can be used for N95 mask, KN95 mask molding /masking.
Making Speed 80-110 pieces/min
Power Specification 220V,50Hz,4000W
Ultrasonic 20K2600W
Air Compressor/Consumption 3Kg 10NL/min
Floor Space 4600mm*1100mm(with waste collection device)
Frame Materials Aluminum & Stainless Steel
Weight 500Kg

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