Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper
Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper

Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper


Rotary Arm Stretch Wrappers are perfect for packaging solutions stretch wrapping up to 40 loads an hour. Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapping machines excel at wrapping loads that are very heavy or light, creating instability. The rotating arm moves around the pallet, applying the stretch film as the load stays stationary. This minimizes the risk of collapse during a wrapping cycle.

Max Speed

18 laps/min

Packing range


  • PLC programmable control, winding program is optional, various parameters can be adjusted.
  • The photoelectric switch dynamically measures the cargo height.
  • Bright flashing safety warning light and emergency stop switch.
  • Prestretch automatic film feeding mechanism.
  • Arm slow start, slow stop, automatic reset.
  • The winding number at the top and bottom is controlled separately.
  • Automatic and manual switch, almost no routine maintenance.
  • The electric wires and other devices of the whole machine are made of well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, and all the manufacturers must pass the CE safety certification to be qualified to supply to our company, without any safety risks.
  • The machine adopts multi-functional man-machine interface touch type display system and PLC control, wide display screen, can real-time display equipment operation;Powerful fault detection system, can display fault information in real time, and guide maintenance personnel how to troubleshoot.
Packing range
Rocker arm speed
18rpm, 25rpm, 35rpm
Whole machine weight
1700 kg
Whole machine power
2.2 kw
Power supply voltage
380 v / 50hz
Applicable film
18~25 μ stretch film for pre-stretching machine
Conveying height
350mm or more
Conveyor Roller
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