Column palletizer
Column palletizer

Column palletizer


The column-type palletizer is mainly used in the back-stage palletizing process of production lines in various industries. Its structure is a single column structure. It consists of a lifting axis, a translation axis, a main rotation axis and a gripper rotation axis. It forms the main system of a fully servo four-axis palletizer. , controlled by a motion controller and driven by a 4-axis servo motor; it has a 290-degree rotation function and can be used for palletizing 2 exhibition panels at the same time. Its performance is comparable to a palletizing robot. It has a compact and beautiful appearance, easy and simple adjustment, and can be applied to a variety of products. And palletizing type. It can be used independently or can be used with an automatic stacker and a pallet conveyor to realize a fully automatic palletizing system. This equipment is controlled by a handheld teaching pendant to achieve intelligent operation management, which is simple and easy to master. It can greatly reduce labor personnel and reduce labor intensity.

Palletizing speed

6-8 times/minute

Applicable pallet size


The design is scientific and beautiful: using advanced foreign rotating column palletizing robot technology, the appearance is exquisite and beautiful;

Easy to operate: The stacking method is convenient and simple to adjust. It can be edited on the teaching pendant or wired remote control. The operation is simple and easy to learn;
Efficiency: The single-column palletizer adopts automation technology and can efficiently complete the palletizing operation of goods, greatly improving work efficiency;

High precision: The single-column palletizer is equipped with high-precision sensors and control systems, which can accurately control the position and stacking method of goods;

Strong flexibility: the column palletizer can be programmed according to different work requirements and adapt to the palletizing of goods of different specifications and shapes;

Palletizing speed 6-8 times/minute
Load 100KG
Applicable Products Cartons, film bags, woven bags, vats
Applicable size


Pallet supply method Manual placement/automatic placement
Palletizing gripper Suction cup/splint
Palletizing height


working radius


Overall height of equipment


Applicable power supply


Applicable gas source


Equipment power


Equipment weight


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